Pediatrics and Pregnancy Chiropractic in Decatur

Young participants and women who are pregnant have unique health care needs. Dr. Kate and Dr. James are well-versed in providing care for babies, children and expecting moms. They’ve taken several courses in pediatric, prenatal and postnatal care and can support you and your children during each stage of life. Both doctors received their Webster Certification from and are members of the ICPA.

Enjoying an Incredible Pregnancy Experience


Regular chiropractic visits during pregnancy can make sure that your baby can grow and develop properly, with all the necessary changes happening smoothly and comfortably. It’s also important to align your pelvis, making sure your baby has room as it gets bigger. The Webster Technique, which both Dr. Kate and Dr. James are certified in, is particularly helpful in making sure your baby has the space to turn into proper birthing position. Chiropractic has also been shown to

  • Decrease labor time
  • Help with digestive issues and acid reflux
  • Relieve hip or low back pain
  • Assist in postpartum recovery

We’ll start with a thorough examination to understand what your body needs, basing our recommendations on your individual case. We may suggest that you see us 2-3 times per week, to begin with. Once you’re toward the middle of pregnancy, weekly visits are effective in keeping up with the changes happening in your body. If there are any complications, or once you are close to the delivery date, we may see you twice a week.


Starting Early on the Path to a Healthy Childhood

As your baby grows, its nervous system is changing. We’ll help ensure that their brain and body communicates optimally so that your child can live up to their full potential. Often, the first source of stress on the spine is the birthing process, which can strain the head, neck and shoulders. They may have difficulty nursing or with indigestion, which chiropractic has been shown to help with.

As they learn to crawl and walk, their spine is stressed, and regular checks can ensure they stay healthy. School-age children experience different forms of stress, such as sitting for long periods, carrying heavy backpacks, playing sports or suffering from frequent ear infections.

Making Visits a Fun Experience

Children’s bodies are different than that of an adult. We understand their needs and how to make chiropractic care a comfortable, gentle and fun experience for them. Their bodies respond quickly to the adjustments we’re making — often while they’re still on the adjusting table!

We won’t start adjusting until your child feels ready. Often, they come in with their family and watch their mom, dad, brothers and sisters get adjusted before they feel curious enough to get on the table. We can even adjust them while they’re playing, sitting on our lap or lying on a giant teddy bear we have in the office. The pressure needed for the adjustment is similar to how you’d press a tomato to check its ripeness.

Bring your family in for a convenient evening appointment. Free parking is available. Contact us today!

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