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By sharing the success stories of many of our patients, you can learn more about how chiropractic care has helped them and can help you too.

Had an Awesome experience!

Dr. Duga and Dr. Kate were very welcoming and explained the whole process thoroughly. Each adjustment feels like it is tailored to my body and what it is going through at the time. Once Adjusted, I feel my more completely like I am whole again. The atmosphere of the office is serene and has a positive flow. One that makes you feel relaxed and ready for healing. Two thumbs up!!


The Approach is Very Gentle and Relaxing

I was very wary to call the chiropractor, as I am 37 years old and have never been to see one before. However, I am 9 months pregnant and was in excruciating sciatic nerve pain, could barely walk, and was miserable for 10 days. The midwives kept telling me to call the chiro or go get acupuncture. I elected to go with the chiro, and after 3 visits with Dr. Kate in a week, I feel a thousand times better and can move freely again without extreme pain. She is very clear at explaining and assessing everything, and is very knowledgeable about pregnant women and their care. I also was nervous to get cracked and slammed, but the approach is very gentle and relaxing. I am so glad I went and can now enjoy the last couple weeks of pregnancy without hobbling around and almost crying every time I have to get up or down!


Especially for the expecting Mom!

I can’t thank Dr. Kate enough for the care she has given my family and me. My last adjustment before childbirth was the day before I went into labor. I went into spontaneous labor at 38 weeks. I was admitted to the hospital around 2:30 PM and my son was born at 8:10 that night. I only pushed for about 30 minutes before he was born. I really believe and feel strongly that due to my hips being aligned and all the care Dr. Kate gave me that my son had a much easier time navigating the birth canal and our labor/delivery experience could not have gone any better. I truly, truly believe in the benefits of chiropractic care, especially for the expecting Mom! After my son was born, we brought my son in for adjustments.


Feeling relaxed and refreshed!

I started seeing Dr. Kate when I was 34 weeks pregnant, for pregnancy adjustments, because my midwife recommended the benefits of chiropractic care. The benefits of chiropractic care that I have noticed since being under chiropractic care are that my hip pain is much improved and my midwife says my baby is in a better position for birthing. I am also more aware of my posture. The adjustments are NOT the same “crack and pop” style of adjustment I had previously experienced. The Adjustments are very gentle. I plan to continue my chiropractic care I enjoy the time with Dr. Kate and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.


The adjustments feel wonderful!

I met Dr. Kate at Concerts on the Square in downtown Decatur, this past fall. I have seen plenty of benefits from chiropractic care. I had headaches daily, my neck was hurting, and she helped my back. I don’t have pain going down my leg, and my neck feels good. She did wonders for my body. She is very smart and sweet and treats you as a person not as a number. I continue care because Dr. Kate is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable, and treats you like you’re special, not many doctors make you feel like that! Plus the adjustments feel wonderful. Sometimes I go in with migraines and come out feeling so much better. I always leave with less stress and in a better mood!

~Paula, Dekalb

The swelling in my knees is gone!

I have been getting chiropractic care at Expression Chiropractic for six months, after I met Dr. Kate at a Decatur Business Association function. The adjustments are done with a very gentle touch and feel relaxing. Plus, I like the results so I will stick with it. The swelling in my knees is gone! I am able to run without being overly sore and stiff the following day, even after a soccer game. My general overall health has benefited as well.

~Jeff, Decatur (Businessman)

It is amazing!

I am fascinated by how Dr. Kate’s subtle technique stimulates release and healing in my body. It is amazing that such a light touch can detect places of tension and holding, and also stimulate energy flow.

~Rebecca, Decatur (Yoga Instructor)

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